Is Valve Looking to Take down Epic Game Store

There is a lot of competition between the many gaming providers that we now have access to, each providing unique and interesting games to provide entertainment and enjoyment to the masses. However, there have been talks that popular game creator Valve has been making huge developments in direct competition with another huge gaming software provider – Epic Games. As both have provided such big and successful games in the past there has been a lot of drama accumulating within the gaming community and rumors that the pair are huge rivals. 

How Popular are Epic Games?

Epic Games have seen a lot of success with a lot of their popularity stemming from the release of their hit battle royale game called Fortnite, with a  very simple concept where a lobby of one hundred players is pitted against each other in a fight to the death, Epic has had a lot of fans ever since its release many years ago.  

Although Fortnite is very popular we shouldn’t forget that there was a very similar style game that was released prior to the creation of Fortnite, Team Fortress is very similar in the concept and the animation design and style. This is arguably why there is tension between the two gaming companies as Fortnite has been said to have overtaken Team Fortress in terms of the number of active users of the games. The thing that sets Epic apart from Valve, in this case, is the design quality and variation that comes with Fortnite’s customizable skins and equipment, for a small fee players can buy the season battle pass which opens up a whole host of cool designs that simply cannot be found within Valve’s Team Fortress games.  

How Popular are Valve?

One of the biggest success stories to be developed by Valve would have to be Team Fortress, this game has really stood the test of time in terms of retaining a loyal and encouraging fan base. The great thing about this free-to-play battle royale style game is that it is reliable in the way that it has remained unchanged for such a long period of time. With changes to the weaponry and map to keep the public interested whilst sticking to a very simple game concept Team Fortress would have to be Valve’s biggest moneymaker. A notable event that occurred to increase the popularity of Team Fortress further would be add ons to help hardcore gamers to level up at a much faster rate, many gaming experts said that a team fortress 2 aimbot is what to use if you are looking to mine XP and level up your account. 

However, with the huge success of their game, it has been strongly rumored and hinted that Valve are currently working on a huge update to rival that of the latest Fortnite update. With this in mind, it would make sense that the two big gaming names are competing against each other as their games are so comparable 

Similarities Between Valve and Epic.

The similarities between these two gaming companies are very simple; they both feature popular cartoon-style animated battle royale games that are very basic in concept other than making players fight each other with one winner in the final. The fact that they both have very similar games could be why they are competing so hard against each other. As a gamer, this is great news for the community as it means that both games are set to see some pretty big updates that I’m sure are going to be a lot of fun.  

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