How You Can Make Social Media Work For You!

Many people consider social media as an entertaining platform or at the very least websites that you use to spend time that could otherwise be used for a more efficient and more useful endeavor. The reality though is that you can use social media to your advantage especially if you have a business and you will find that social media can both work for you and allow you to work in a way. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages of using social media to your advantage in a business way as well as in a way to make social media benefit you in as many ways as possible.

It’s important to understand that while there are many criticisms of social media not all of them are wrong and not all of them are true as well. The reality is that like everything else social media has its benefits as well as its downsides and it all depends on how you interact with social media and what you are looking to get out of them. So, whether you are looking to get out business from your use of social media or looking to have the best experience possible the reality is that you can do both, but you simply need to understand how platforms work and I will truly use them to benefit your particular use of social media. So, let’s take a more specific look at how to use social media in those specific ways and what you can do to potentially make them better platforms even though these platforms are not necessarily built for that.

So, before you jump into the massive pool that is social media you need to understand how our platforms work. Whether you are looking to thrive on platforms that owes videos or platforms that are more like message boards like Facebook or Twitter the reality is that you need to understand the economy of those platforms. When we talk about the economy of those platforms, we don’t talk necessarily about money, but we need to understand that the kind of those platforms is based solely on attention and views. Attention itself is not only getting eyes on your content it also means getting eyes on your content and keeping those eyes on your content over time. This is what we call viewer base retention. The reason why you want to retain your viewer base is because not only are views very important for your numbers but so is interaction.

This is why both businesses and influencers are always looking at ways to make their viewer base interact with their posts in a way that not only bumps them every time someone interacts with them but also keeps them at the top when it comes to interaction and popularity. It’s no wonder that there is a massive business that sells both views and allows you to buy extra comments for your TikTok content. While these comments are not organic, they still provide you with some much-needed interactions which can potentially allow you to get some more organic viewers as well as more organic interactions from actual users. In the same way that websites work when it comes to popularity and SEO, it all depends on clicks and viewer retention. While this might dispel some of the magic beyond content recreation the reality is that if you hope to make money whether it is as an influencer or a business owner getting eyes on your content is essential.

So, as you keep this in mind you can understand that making social media platforms work for you is not only a matter of being good at creating stuff, but it is also all about having an intrinsic understanding of platforms working out how the Internet works. When it comes to making money with your social media platform the reality is that a lot of it depends on the algorithm and learning out to trick it or out to play alongside it. It might seem somewhat cynical to many people, but the reality is that if you understand Audi algorithm work it is much easier for you to create content that can both appeal to it or at the very least allow you to play to its weaknesses and ask to get benefits from it. Whether you use a platform like Facebook YouTube TikTok the reality is that all these platforms nowadays depend on algorithms and these types of strategies to thrive.

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